To make your shoes remained unblemished as long as possible, it is absolutely necessary to take care of it promptly and professionally. Online store offers you a small set of helpful rules for care of footwear:

1. Choose footwear, focusing maximum attention on your size and features of your foot. To learn how to avoid common mistakes in selecting shoe – go to our website information.

2. Decide first for which occasion you are buying the shoes - whether it will be a pair for every day, an evening shoes or sport footwear.

3. Pay attention to the seasonality of your footwear. For example, DO NOT wear perforated or decorative trim shoes in the rain or slush! You risk not only to spoil the mood, but to lose a quality of fashion footwear.

4. Make sure that you have removed the dirt from the surface of the shoe with a sponge, brush or damp cloth before using any of the shoe care products.

5. Please be aware, that you must to protect the leather sole of your shoes with rubber pads to avoid scratches and deformation. You should be especially careful during the winter season, because of exposure to harmful chemicals, so often used on our streets in winter.

6. You have a great opportunity to take care of your new shoes and put a maximum attention right from the beginning. Other than a patent leather shoes, protect them with a special shoe-sprays. (important note: it should be on the regular bases)

7. Treat your shoes with care! Do not rush when you unlace your footwear; be careful when you unzipping or zipping your boots - rough movement and rushing lead to damage. While putting on shoes do not step on the heel, deforming it – use a shoe horn!

8. Make sure that you have few pairs of footwear for the winter season. The fact is that during the bad weather your shoes will expose to water, dirt, moisture, salt and street chemicals. Let the pair of footwear to “rest” for a while in order to be able to dry out and find the original form.

9. Do not clean your shoes before leaving the house at the last minute – you have to clean them immediately after coming from outside. Preliminary application of the cream helps to soften the skin and protects the leather from cracking. Give your shoes an extra polish regularly!

Caring for certain types of materials:

1. Leather footwear: clean and dry surface has to be treated with a thin layer of colored or colorless cream - wait for absorbance. Then the shoes should be polished, using a soft brush or a special cloth. As the dust and dirt are harmful to the leather, it should be removed immediately before treating and polishing the footwear.

2. Velour, suede, nubuck footwear: shoes made of these materials are the most moody and require more effort for cleaning. All manipulations must be carried out with extra care to keep the surface unharmed and to avoid accidental damage. Get a special rubber brush for removing the dirt. Make sure that the dirt was removed before applying a special appropriate tone shoe-care for products made of velour, suede and nubuck. Soaked shoes from velour, suede, nubuck must be brushed only in the dry condition. Do not apply regular shoe-cream, if you don’t want to lose the velvety surface of your favorite pair.

3. Patent leather footwear: dirty surfaces should be wiped and cleaned with a soft cloth, then treated with a special shoe-care for patent footwear and polish with a soft cloth again. Patent shoes should be protected from exposure to chemicals, should not be put near heat sources, otherwise that kind of leather may crack.

4. Combination skin footwear: for those models of the combined skin you must use special shoe-care, designed for combination skin only.

5. Synthetic materials footwear: we DO NOT carry footwear from manmade and other synthetic materials, but if you have them in your closet, you should wash them with plain soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth.

6. Textile footwear: you should remove stains and dirt with a brush or cloth and then to choose detergent and special stain removers depending on the type of fabric.

And the last important detail – in order to keep your favorite pair as long as possible in original color you should use as close as possible color of shoe-care. To avoid mistakes - test it first on non-noticeable parts of footwear! Well, and our main duty - to help you with our professional advice!
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