There is no secret, that some of the very famous brands have their own scale of sizes. You fall in love with an elegant pair of shoes, but the size in that particular brand is unfamiliar? Do not rush to abandon the purchase! In order to pick up the right size you just have to follow a few rules -pay attention to your legs, feet and ankles, consider and measure their length and width:

  1. If you have a narrow foot - you should take the shoes half a size smaller (later on the leather will definitely stretch and those shoes will be 100% comfortable). On the contrary, if your foot is wide - take the shoes a size larger.  In that case it doesn’t need to stretch, it doesn’t lose its shape and your feet will get the maximum comfort.
  2. Keep in mind that the size of the left and right feet may be different – always follow the size of the larger one.
  3. If your foot is a standard half-size, but a very attractive brand has only full  dimensions 36, 37, 38 and etc., - choose your next larger size.
  4. Make an exception for sports shoes: always take a half a size bigger - the small space provides better mobility of the foot, greater comfort and the necessary freedom of movement.
  5. If you are planning to wear shoes with socks - use your common sense and the advice set out above.
  6. Finally, remember, that you and only you will be wearing your favorite pair, and therefore the main criterion is a comfort.

Tip: Refer to footwear carefully. If the pair did not match and you want to make a return - the proper look of shoes is especially important.

How do I know that this pair of shoes - my desired size?

You cannot make a mistake with the size, if the shape of shoes matches the shape of your feet, if the toe of the shoe has enough space for your toes, and if the heel does not slip when you are walking.

How do I know that those sandals are my desired size?

Your toes or heel should not go beyond the line of the sole.

I ordered the correct size, but the boots are too loose in the heel. What is the problem?

Most of the boots have a soft heel that makes it easier to put on, but at the same time it cause some discomfort during movement at the beginning. This is normal. After some time, boots will take the shape of your foot.  Its typical not only for boots, but for all footwear made of leather.

What if the shoes are a little too tight?

If a new pair of shoes is a little tight, you should use a local cobbler to stretch it a bit. But if you have any doubts that you may steel not feel very comfortable in new shoes, it is better to exchange the size for a bigger one.

How can I determine my shoe size?

If you do not know your shoe size, follow those steps to determine your size. For self-determination of the size place both feet on a sheet of paper and outline them with a pencil. Measure the space from the heel to big toe. If the left and the right legs are different lengths, select the greatest of them.  Send us the measurements and we will size you properly.

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