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Rina's Boutique's Fabi Collection:

Rina's Boutique's Fabi Italian Shoes Collection: for Men & Women
"artisan crafting ... skilled hands ... classical, elegant style and superior quality materials immediately became the hallmarks of the Fabi brand ... Fabi had thoroughly established its reputation as a dynamic brand. Now, for almost a half century, Fabi has been putting its name to high class footwear for men and women ... Fabi has become a perfect beacon of Italian-made design as a distinctive business, a promoter of elegant style, an astute observer of trends, always anticipating new ways of life ... Tradition and technology make a perfect union with quality ... Every step of the process... takes place in house, which is what makes Fabi’s products unique and flawless ... discerning customers, who are confident in their choices, well equipped to appreciate superior footwear and love the refined details"