6636 Renzi Shoes / Violet
Satin formal shoe, violet leather, pointy toe, leather sole, 2,5 high heel. Made in Italy.
6635 Renzi Shoes / Black
R 561601 NAPPA NERO--Black leather - satin formal shoe, pointy, leather sole. made in Italy
6634 Renzi Shoes / Black
R 563001 VESUVIO NERO--Black soft calfskin leather flats shoe with bow accessories and metal logo, rubber sole with logo. made in Italy
6633 Renzi Shoes / Blue
R 563001 VESUVIO LAME LAVANDA--Blue lavanda soft calfskin flats, with bow and metal accessories. rubber extra-light sole. made in Italy
6556 Renzi Sandals / Beige
R 561 700 B--Beige patent leather sandals , 4" high heel, strap around ankle. leather sole. made in Italy.
6553 Renzi Sandals / Blue
R 563002--Blue suede flats with pearl accessories. Rubber sole. made in Italy
6551 Renzi Sandals / White - Purple
R 561901 B--White and purple patent leather, leather sole. made in Italy
6474 Renzi Bootie / Black
R 554401--Black thick cloth with leather and sheirling lining, extra-light rubber sole. made in Italy
6433 Renzi Shoes / Black
R 555500 VITTELO CALF NERO--Black calfskin shoe from Renzi, lace-up, metal studs, leather sole. made in Italy
6432 Renzi Boots / Black
R 551202 CAMOSCIO NERO--Black suede srech over the knee boots, metal logo, leather sole. made in Italy
6431 Renzi Boots / Black
R 554500 CAMOSCIO NERO--Black strech suede over the knee, side zip, round metalik 2,5" high heel. made in Italy
6430 Renzi Boots / Black
R552100 NAPPA NERO--Black calfskin over the knee boot with strech, 1,5" high Heel. made in Italy
6429 Renzi Shoes / Black
R555601 NAPPA NERO--Black calfskin shoe with side zip, metal studs around, 1" high heel . made in Italy
6428 Renzi Shoes / White
R555601 A VITTELO BIANCO--White calfskin boot , side zip, applied metal studs. made in Italy
Sold Out
6427 Renzi Shoes / Black
554602 NAPPA NERO--Black calfskin shoe with four bucles in the front, round silver metallik 3" high heel. made in Italy
6375 Renzi Boots / Gray-Green
R 54 2400--Gray and green suede with cotton rope knee high boot, 2,5" high heel. Unique design for your summer look. made in Italy
6374 Renzi Bootie / Green
R 54 1900--Green and light green suede bootie, with cotton rope, heel - 2" high. Unique elegance. made in Italy
6373 Renzi Bootie / Purple
R 54 41906 C--Purple suede bootie, 2,5" high heel. Absolutely glamorous! made in Italy
6371 Renzi Shoes / Pink
R 542204 B--Pink suede ponted high heel pump, with strip. A colorful touch is a must-have in the summer looks ! made in Italy
6369 Renzi Shoes / Blue
R542202--Ink bkue suede pump with metal accessories, 4" high sexy heel. A colorful touch for your summer llok. made in Italy
6239 Renzi Boots / Black
R531003B--Black suede boot with red fur decor, fur lining, 1" heel and rubber sole. Rounede toe. Rubber sole. Renzi boots one of best Italian shoes on line. Discover the new proposal of style by Renzi, elegant and timeless. made in...
6238 Renzi Bootie / Black
R531004B--Black suede with fur lining bootie, mettal logo, 1" heel with ruber sole. Renzi boots give you comfort. Always look for Italian designer shoes and Renzi will be on the top of the list. Perfect for the woman always attenetive...
6237 Renzi Shoes / Blue
R533400F--Blue suede with red fur lining, red lace-up, blue extra-light rubber sole. Renzi one of top Italian designer brand. For and easy-chic style, always on trend. made in Italy
4075 Renzi Shoes / Gray
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