Why Are the Shoes The First Thing People Notice on You?

First thing people notice on you

Walking down the streets of Venice today got me thinking about the  shoes. Looking around on all those beautiful and happy faces wasn’t enough, somehow I always ended up on amazing shoes. So, it got me thinking – are the shoes really the first thing someone notices on us?
Was I in  delusion all my life, thinking that the face is what I offer to the public?

Guess what ? Amazing shoes are, indeed,  the first thing someone notices on us! I did a little research and found out something impressive. Apparently, when on an interview, most interviewers are going to look at your shoes first.

Why shoes  are important for an interview?

On my own surprise, interviewers are going to look at your shoes first.

Why? Because that will show them how well you are actually prepared and how serious you are about the job.
If you come all dressed up, that’s alright, but that is something you know they will notice. But, if you come in the breathtaking pair of shoes, that means you think of everything!
There isn’t a thing that slips in your mind. You are a person who always have back-up plans and they can not find ‘a hole in the low’ with you.
You are what they’re looking for!


How to choose the right pair of shoes?

But, now when you know what’s important in your appearance, where can you find the right shoes? And, what to look for?

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