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Luxury Shoes are Pure Love – Forget The Prince, Keep The Shoes

Forget The Prince, Keep The Shoes

Luxury shoes are pure love. Forget the prince, keep the shoes, and stay on the winning side of life. Be the one who creates her own ‘happily ever after’ moment. Isn’t that the best piece of advice a fashionista could possibly get?

I mean honestly, it is really no wonder when you think about how females have been growing up and all the social paradigms that we have been taught from an early age on.

Just think about all the fairy tales and Disney movies young girls grew up with.

There was always a princess (or an unfortunate girl) in need that had to be saved by a noble prince. And even though in the fairy tales the characters always fell desperately in love with each other and lived happily ever after, reality is much different.

In reality, not all relationships are meant to last.  What we can promise you is that Italian shoes will stay with you for a very long time. Unchanged and still impressing, just like on the first ‘date’ in shopping. They’ll stick with you through thick and thin, till better shoes apart you.

Luxury shoes are my first and last love

Sometimes you end up regretting the poor decisions you have made, however, always keep in mind that every mistake you might have made and everything you had to go through is a lesson learned. There are countless, low priced, shoes I put on my feet before I found my first love –  Baldinini shoes. 
Those were the beauties that took my heart away. I felt like never before. I could just feel the smooth touch of Italian leather and the looks I got on them! Dear God!

That was the moment I realized why luxury shoes are important. being woman in man’s world is pretty hard sometimes, but I just put on the best pair of shoes and I look down only when I want to admire them.
With Italian shoes, my head is always up high and proud!