What makes Italian Shoes different from other?

Are you a Shoe Lover and want to try the best ever shoes? Then there are none other Italian shoes. Shoemakers in Italy are really well trained and know more than most about the whole manufacturing process. Italian handmade shoes are very different from the Italian factory made shoes as their craftsmanship, sense of color and styling is very particular. They are made of some of the highest quality leathers.

Conventional Methods

The Italians are thought to be antiquated or follow their traditional method when making their shoes. And this is the thing that makes their shoes genuinely incredible and different. They do not use machines to produce 100 shoes per hour, but they use their traditional methods and make each pair by hand! And That is why these shoes are more costly.

Hand Made

Italian shoes are mostly custom made. These are normally handcrafted. You get them for different sizes and width, which gives you a guarantee of great fit. Usually, it takes time to get properly fit into your shoes, but with Italian handmade shoes, you don’t have to wait long to break in your shoes. In Fact, people say wearing Italian shoes is the better choice than going barefoot as Italian shoes are very comfortable and light in weight.

It’s All About The Leather

The Italian shoes are made of the Italian leather, so when you look at the quality of the shoes, they are hand polished somewhere darker and somewhere with lighter shades, which bring in more energy in them and it just looks much superior to anything a plain colored leather shoe.

Takes care of your feet

Since Italian leather shoes are handmade, lightweight and very comfortable so they take good care of your feet. You can feel the difference in your way of walking and how comfortable your feet are when you wear them a long day at work or any place out of town.

If you are worried about the cost of Italian shoes, then don’t like the handmade Italian shoes you purchase from Rinastore are long lasting and you will never have to purchase a pair of shoes again for decades. As these shoes are handmade and made up so skillfully, so they can handle all the daily wear and tear. You will only have to invest once and save money till you buy another. And you will actually save money for long since you are not going to buy a new one much faster. Also, Italian shoes are the perfect combination of contemporary and classic so they are going to long last in terms of style too, so you do not need to worry about style too.

Quality Ingredients

The quality of raw materials used by an Italian shoe company is the best as they use the best leather possible. Only using the best leather is not enough for the best Italian shoes, various other best things are needed. The soles of the Italian shoes are made from oak-bark leather and then tanned by hand which takes time. Also, Italian shoes use maximum stitches per centimeter so that they can achieve a very slim profile which makes them very comfortable.

At the end of the day, you only have to figure out what you have to do. Italian shoes are a portion of the best items on Earth. If you haven’t purchased one or wondering whether to purchase or not, then try once!