Why Italian Handmade Shoes are so Fascinating

Why so fascinating, Italian shoes?

  • The history of shoes has included a huge variety of different designs – from the fashionably functional to seductive statement. High points include the pointed shoes of the middle ages when the length of the toe was an indication of status, and the emergence of the heel, first for men and then for women in the later Renaissance period.
  • The 19th & 20th century has seen many changes in both production and design from the button boot to 1920’s bar shoes giving way to 1940’s utility styles, 1950’s stilettoes, 1970’s platform soles, and today’s innovative statement shoes.

What’s so outstanding about Italian shoes it’s that they give a special attention while they’re making each pair.

You get the feeling that each pair of shoes has it’s own story and it’s made with the talented and hardworking hands. Once you step into the Renzi shoes, your feet will be treated likes queen’s and those shoes will come as a candy for each foot.

Italian shoes

Renzi shoes by Rina’s store – Italian shoes online

Walk the street in Italian shoes like a star of ‘Sex and the city’

Who said that only Carrie Bradshow can feel like a start while taking a walk down the New York streets?

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Why Italian shoes by Rina’s store?

Part of what you’re paying for is craftsmanship. Shoemakers in fashion capitals like Italy pass their skills on from generation to generation. It’s not just about making shoes: it’s an art form. The welting is carefully executed. All that to ensure breathability and will be malleable enough to shape to your foot’s unique form without losing support. The leather they choose is from the choice areas of the hide. They are resulting in minimal processing and a sturdier build to the final product. As time goes, a great pair of leather shoes becomes more comfortable than being barefoot.