Handmade Footwear – Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Handmade Footwear – Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Have you ever realized why do you spend a fortune on a smartphone that is just going to last for a couple of years? Every now and then, new smartphones are replacing the old models.

When it comes to buying formal shoes, nothing matches the comfort and quality of handmade shoes. Most men find handmade shoes really expensive.

Handmade footwear – 5 reasons why they are the best

  • Quality of leather

A pair of regular formal shoes is made of synthetic or cheap quality leather which will not last long. Poor quality leather cracks or splits over a period of time and does not mold your feet properly. However, if you pay a little more, you can buy these handmade shoes made of premium quality Italian calf leather which will last for years and keep looking good.

  • Type of sole

The sole used in most shoes is manufactured locally which may not be that good in terms of comfort for your feet. Rina’s store shoes are made of  leather sole which is considered as the finest quality leather in the world.

  • Regular shoes vs premium shoes

Each and every component of the shoe right from the lining to the tongue and the socks of these shoes are made of real leather. This is what makes these shoes actually very long lasting.

  •  Factory vs Workshop

The handmade shoes have better strength and durability as compared to a machine made shoes. The craftsmen who make these shoes spend a lot of time on making a pair whereas machine made shoes are manufactured in a bigger quantity which makes the difference.

  • Machine vs Hands

A pair of shoes goes through several stages of manufacturing. Handmade shoe makers let the shoes rest and breathe between these stages. So, that results in superior fit, quality and looks. Whereas machine made shoes are infused with stiffeners to speed up the production process which is a compromise on quality.