Good Shoes because “A Woman With Good Shoes is Never Ugly”

“A Woman With Good Shoes is Never Ugly” – Coco Chanel

good shoes

A fashion designer and a business woman. The designer of the whole brand. A name you stand up for every time it’s spoken.
So, do you believe her?

Can a woman in good, quality, luxury shoes ever be ugly? I don’t think so! There’s something more in good shoes than rough glamour. The a power is in it. There’s an idea. There are two feet in the best leather that are carrying that idea to the meeting and win the day!

Therefore , listen to Coco Chanel, listen to us –¬† buy the best for your feet. Buy in Rina’s store and be sure that your idea is well carried and powerful.

Good shoes, because Cinderella is proof that new and good shoes can change your life

These are the times when women can do as much as any man. Finally, you can be a powerful woman in the men’s world.
Indeed, this is a men’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl… as a song says.

Time to choose what you want and what you need. Use your right to choose and pick the best pair of footwear. Treat yourself for your hard work by buying luxury shoes. With every step you take, you’ll hear your success.

What a time to be a woman! You can take pair of handmade shoes online in Rina’s store.