Where to Find the Best Quality Shoes

The dream place for Quality Shoes Lovers

I am sure there are many shoes lovers in here.. but how many of you are actually quality shoes lovers? Where’s the difference?

A quality shoes lover knows when the shoe is ‘the one’. You need to go down a long road of understanding the needs of your feet and choosing the right brands, to finally wear this title.

How do you know that? You are on the eight place. Just keep on reading our advice, we’re going to give you the right path.
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Rina’s store is a home for quality shoes lovers

In Rina’s store, you can find the best of Italian fashion.

Our passion is in finding the most appealing and unique designer shoes in the world. We always carefully select the best shoes. The best from reputable shoemakers in Italy and other fashion capitals of the world.

Our inspiration comes from visiting various fashion districts across Europe. We travel to Italy every year to find the right designer shoes that we can showcase. Shoes for women have never been harder to find these days so we our proud to find the perfect shoes to dress with.

Why Italian designer shoes?

Designer shoes, but Italian shoes in particular, are well-known for their fresh & modern design style. They’re making bold use of materials and make the highest quality footwear. And, also creating a unique and stylish look that many find attractive to wear.

Therefore, Italians were the inventors of classic fashion design. Starting from robes, textiles to elaborate stilettos, they constantly strove to improve its design style. Italian fashion is influential worldwide and their luxury fashion goods and handbags have always been in style. Italian shoes are known for their extravagant designs and ornate accessories. Designs that are considered extremely luxurious to wear.

Historically, Italians were the first to design a woman’s heel shoe, which were designed to lengthen the leg. Today, their design style has impacted numerous designer shoemakers and created a host of unique brands worldwide. It’s hard to find a shoe in Italy that’s not designed to perfection.

Several of the first Italian shoes and fashion houses such as Bulgari, Prada, Gucci & Ferragamo were founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our store carries the following designer shoes brands:

– Ferragamo – Salvatore – Nando Muzi – Loriblu – Fabi – and much more!

All in all, these designer brands are the most popular and reputable for their high quality & extravagant designs.