Handmade Footwear – Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Handmade Footwear – Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Have you ever realized why do you spend a fortune on a smartphone that is just going to last for a couple of years? Every now and then, new smartphones are replacing the old models.

When it comes to buying formal shoes, nothing matches the comfort and quality of handmade shoes. Most men find handmade shoes really expensive.

Handmade footwear – 5 reasons why they are the best

  • Quality of leather

A pair of regular formal shoes is made of synthetic or cheap quality leather which will not last long. Poor quality leather cracks or splits over a period of time and does not mold your feet properly. However, if you pay a little more, you can buy these handmade shoes made of premium quality Italian calf leather which will last for years and keep looking good.

  • Type of sole

The sole used in most shoes is manufactured locally which may not be that good in terms of comfort for your feet. Rina’s store shoes are made of  leather sole which is considered as the finest quality leather in the world.

  • Regular shoes vs premium shoes

Each and every component of the shoe right from the lining to the tongue and the socks of these shoes are made of real leather. This is what makes these shoes actually very long lasting.

  •  Factory vs Workshop

The handmade shoes have better strength and durability as compared to a machine made shoes. The craftsmen who make these shoes spend a lot of time on making a pair whereas machine made shoes are manufactured in a bigger quantity which makes the difference.

  • Machine vs Hands

A pair of shoes goes through several stages of manufacturing. Handmade shoe makers let the shoes rest and breathe between these stages. So, that results in superior fit, quality and looks. Whereas machine made shoes are infused with stiffeners to speed up the production process which is a compromise on quality.

Good Shoes because “A Woman With Good Shoes is Never Ugly”

“A Woman With Good Shoes is Never Ugly” – Coco Chanel

good shoes

A fashion designer and a business woman. The designer of the whole brand. A name you stand up for every time it’s spoken.
So, do you believe her?

Can a woman in good, quality, luxury shoes ever be ugly? I don’t think so! There’s something more in good shoes than rough glamour. The a power is in it. There’s an idea. There are two feet in the best leather that are carrying that idea to the meeting and win the day!

Therefore , listen to Coco Chanel, listen to us –  buy the best for your feet. Buy in Rina’s store and be sure that your idea is well carried and powerful.

Good shoes, because Cinderella is proof that new and good shoes can change your life

These are the times when women can do as much as any man. Finally, you can be a powerful woman in the men’s world.
Indeed, this is a men’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl… as a song says.

Time to choose what you want and what you need. Use your right to choose and pick the best pair of footwear. Treat yourself for your hard work by buying luxury shoes. With every step you take, you’ll hear your success.

What a time to be a woman! You can take pair of handmade shoes online in Rina’s store.



luxury shoes

Luxury Shoes are Pure Love – Forget The Prince, Keep The Shoes

Forget The Prince, Keep The Shoes

Luxury shoes are pure love. Forget the prince, keep the shoes, and stay on the winning side of life. Be the one who creates her own ‘happily ever after’ moment. Isn’t that the best piece of advice a fashionista could possibly get?

I mean honestly, it is really no wonder when you think about how females have been growing up and all the social paradigms that we have been taught from an early age on.

Just think about all the fairy tales and Disney movies young girls grew up with.

There was always a princess (or an unfortunate girl) in need that had to be saved by a noble prince. And even though in the fairy tales the characters always fell desperately in love with each other and lived happily ever after, reality is much different.

In reality, not all relationships are meant to last.  What we can promise you is that Italian shoes will stay with you for a very long time. Unchanged and still impressing, just like on the first ‘date’ in shopping. They’ll stick with you through thick and thin, till better shoes apart you.

Luxury shoes are my first and last love

Sometimes you end up regretting the poor decisions you have made, however, always keep in mind that every mistake you might have made and everything you had to go through is a lesson learned. There are countless, low priced, shoes I put on my feet before I found my first love –  Baldinini shoes. 
Those were the beauties that took my heart away. I felt like never before. I could just feel the smooth touch of Italian leather and the looks I got on them! Dear God!

That was the moment I realized why luxury shoes are important. being woman in man’s world is pretty hard sometimes, but I just put on the best pair of shoes and I look down only when I want to admire them.
With Italian shoes, my head is always up high and proud!

high heels

High Heels – Keep Your Heels, Head and Standards High

Keep Your Heels, Head and Standards High – high heels in Rina’s store

If you’re one of those women who can’t think in flats, you’re in the right place with Rina’s store.   When it comes to high heels, the chances are you can’t remember a life before them. Whether you wear high heels yourself, remember your mum or aunts rocking them when you were younger or you’re simply an admirer high heels tend to have a place in everyone’s life – some more than others though, it has to be said! Whatever your relationship with high heels, how much do you really know about them?

We’ve taken a look at some interesting things about high heels that you may not have known.

Some facts about high heels

  • High heels were actually invented for men. And it wasn’t until long after their creation that women were seen donning the look. You see very few men wearing high heels now, though it isn’t uncommon for shorter men to wear raised shoes.
  • The name for having a high heel fetish is ‘altocalciphilia’. So, if you really love high heels you may have a touch of altocalciphilia.
  • It was Catherine de Medici that first brought high heels to the attention of women around the world, all the way back in the 16th century. She wanted to make an impression when she arrived in France to marry soon-to-be-King Henry. Therefore,  being short just wasn’t going to work. So, she threw on a pair of heels.
  • Wedge shoes were invented out of necessity. When Italy was faced with being unable to trade with other countries in the 1940s designers were unable to purchase materials to create the heel, and so turned to other designs.
  • Roger-Henri Vivier is the person who is thought to have popularised the stiletto heel back in the 1950s, a high heel style that is still popular today.





Where to Find the Best Quality Shoes

The dream place for Quality Shoes Lovers

I am sure there are many shoes lovers in here.. but how many of you are actually quality shoes lovers? Where’s the difference?

A quality shoes lover knows when the shoe is ‘the one’. You need to go down a long road of understanding the needs of your feet and choosing the right brands, to finally wear this title.

How do you know that? You are on the eight place. Just keep on reading our advice, we’re going to give you the right path.
Read some of our previous articles to get closer to your inner shoe lover. Find out why it’s important to pick the right pair of shoes.

Rina’s store is a home for quality shoes lovers

In Rina’s store, you can find the best of Italian fashion.

Our passion is in finding the most appealing and unique designer shoes in the world. We always carefully select the best shoes. The best from reputable shoemakers in Italy and other fashion capitals of the world.

Our inspiration comes from visiting various fashion districts across Europe. We travel to Italy every year to find the right designer shoes that we can showcase. Shoes for women have never been harder to find these days so we our proud to find the perfect shoes to dress with.

Why Italian designer shoes?

Designer shoes, but Italian shoes in particular, are well-known for their fresh & modern design style. They’re making bold use of materials and make the highest quality footwear. And, also creating a unique and stylish look that many find attractive to wear.

Therefore, Italians were the inventors of classic fashion design. Starting from robes, textiles to elaborate stilettos, they constantly strove to improve its design style. Italian fashion is influential worldwide and their luxury fashion goods and handbags have always been in style. Italian shoes are known for their extravagant designs and ornate accessories. Designs that are considered extremely luxurious to wear.

Historically, Italians were the first to design a woman’s heel shoe, which were designed to lengthen the leg. Today, their design style has impacted numerous designer shoemakers and created a host of unique brands worldwide. It’s hard to find a shoe in Italy that’s not designed to perfection.

Several of the first Italian shoes and fashion houses such as Bulgari, Prada, Gucci & Ferragamo were founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our store carries the following designer shoes brands:

– Ferragamo – Salvatore – Nando Muzi – Loriblu – Fabi – and much more!

All in all, these designer brands are the most popular and reputable for their high quality & extravagant designs.


This is Why You Should Buy Expensive Shoes!

Expensive shoes – is it worth buying them?

It is worth buying  shoes with higher prices, when a shoe met all these conditions.

  • Good reviews
  • Quality leather
  • Comfortable size
  • Excellent stitching
  • Long lasting color
  • Branded
  • Service stores

If you are going to buy any expensive shoes, just check out these things before giving your credit card details. There is one myth that branded shoes are qualitative. You should go through the reviews of shoes from your friends, relatives and existing buyers on the internet.

Why I always buy expensive shoes?

I, personally, buy high quality and high price shoes for various reasons;

1) Craftsmanship and overall quality of the shoe is often superior to cheaper, mass-manufactured shoes

2) Design – sometimes the design of the shoe I prefer is more appealing to me.

Some of the reasons others buy it!

For others, the reasons could include:

1) Status symbols – some shoes with noticeable designs are often status symbols and people can flaunt their wealth by wearing these shoes.

2) Why not? If you’re rich enough to afford various pairs of expensive shoes, then what’s stopping you?

How not to make a mistake while buying? How do I know they are the best?

If you’re looking for a high quality shoes and the ones that will show your wealth and a good sense for style – you’re in the right place!

Here, at Rina’s store, we only offer the best brands. The names and logos that are recognizable all over the world.
All you have to do it few click and the best pair of shoes will arrive at your home in a short time.

You’re set to impress! With Rina’s store, that’s a sure move!

Why Are the Shoes The First Thing People Notice on You?

First thing people notice on you

Walking down the streets of Venice today got me thinking about the  shoes. Looking around on all those beautiful and happy faces wasn’t enough, somehow I always ended up on amazing shoes. So, it got me thinking – are the shoes really the first thing someone notices on us?
Was I in  delusion all my life, thinking that the face is what I offer to the public?

Guess what ? Amazing shoes are, indeed,  the first thing someone notices on us! I did a little research and found out something impressive. Apparently, when on an interview, most interviewers are going to look at your shoes first.

Why shoes  are important for an interview?

On my own surprise, interviewers are going to look at your shoes first.

Why? Because that will show them how well you are actually prepared and how serious you are about the job.
If you come all dressed up, that’s alright, but that is something you know they will notice. But, if you come in the breathtaking pair of shoes, that means you think of everything!
There isn’t a thing that slips in your mind. You are a person who always have back-up plans and they can not find ‘a hole in the low’ with you.
You are what they’re looking for!


How to choose the right pair of shoes?

But, now when you know what’s important in your appearance, where can you find the right shoes? And, what to look for?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. If you visit Rina’s store, you’ll find only the best and carefully picked pieces of Italian handmade footwear. Footwear that Italians make in order for you to impress.

They’re made of the best materials that are put together with hardworking and loving hands. Hands that have built a family business and kept the family work for centuries.

You can choose from the best Italian brands: Renzi, Fabi, Baldinini, Fiorangelo.. Because, people notice! People care!

Why Italian Handmade Shoes are so Fascinating

Why so fascinating, Italian shoes?

  • The history of shoes has included a huge variety of different designs – from the fashionably functional to seductive statement. High points include the pointed shoes of the middle ages when the length of the toe was an indication of status, and the emergence of the heel, first for men and then for women in the later Renaissance period.
  • The 19th & 20th century has seen many changes in both production and design from the button boot to 1920’s bar shoes giving way to 1940’s utility styles, 1950’s stilettoes, 1970’s platform soles, and today’s innovative statement shoes.

What’s so outstanding about Italian shoes it’s that they give a special attention while they’re making each pair.

You get the feeling that each pair of shoes has it’s own story and it’s made with the talented and hardworking hands. Once you step into the Renzi shoes, your feet will be treated likes queen’s and those shoes will come as a candy for each foot.

Italian shoes

Renzi shoes by Rina’s store – Italian shoes online

Walk the street in Italian shoes like a star of ‘Sex and the city’

Who said that only Carrie Bradshow can feel like a start while taking a walk down the New York streets?

Shop online for Italian handmade shoes in Rina’s store and impress the streets on your own city. Be the star of your own show. Be the star of your city.
Now is a perfect time for you to take a destiny in your hands and start the day with happy feet, in your new shoes. Find the best pair in Rina’s store New Collection for Fall/Winter 2018/1019.

Why Italian shoes by Rina’s store?

Part of what you’re paying for is craftsmanship. Shoemakers in fashion capitals like Italy pass their skills on from generation to generation. It’s not just about making shoes: it’s an art form. The welting is carefully executed. All that to ensure breathability and will be malleable enough to shape to your foot’s unique form without losing support. The leather they choose is from the choice areas of the hide. They are resulting in minimal processing and a sturdier build to the final product. As time goes, a great pair of leather shoes becomes more comfortable than being barefoot.

What makes Italian Shoes different from other?

Are you a Shoe Lover and want to try the best ever shoes? Then there are none other Italian shoes. Shoemakers in Italy are really well trained and know more than most about the whole manufacturing process. Italian handmade shoes are very different from the Italian factory made shoes as their craftsmanship, sense of color and styling is very particular. They are made of some of the highest quality leathers.

Conventional Methods

The Italians are thought to be antiquated or follow their traditional method when making their shoes. And this is the thing that makes their shoes genuinely incredible and different. They do not use machines to produce 100 shoes per hour, but they use their traditional methods and make each pair by hand! And That is why these shoes are more costly.

Hand Made

Italian shoes are mostly custom made. These are normally handcrafted. You get them for different sizes and width, which gives you a guarantee of great fit. Usually, it takes time to get properly fit into your shoes, but with Italian handmade shoes, you don’t have to wait long to break in your shoes. In Fact, people say wearing Italian shoes is the better choice than going barefoot as Italian shoes are very comfortable and light in weight.

It’s All About The Leather

The Italian shoes are made of the Italian leather, so when you look at the quality of the shoes, they are hand polished somewhere darker and somewhere with lighter shades, which bring in more energy in them and it just looks much superior to anything a plain colored leather shoe.

Takes care of your feet

Since Italian leather shoes are handmade, lightweight and very comfortable so they take good care of your feet. You can feel the difference in your way of walking and how comfortable your feet are when you wear them a long day at work or any place out of town.

If you are worried about the cost of Italian shoes, then don’t like the handmade Italian shoes you purchase from Rinastore are long lasting and you will never have to purchase a pair of shoes again for decades. As these shoes are handmade and made up so skillfully, so they can handle all the daily wear and tear. You will only have to invest once and save money till you buy another. And you will actually save money for long since you are not going to buy a new one much faster. Also, Italian shoes are the perfect combination of contemporary and classic so they are going to long last in terms of style too, so you do not need to worry about style too.

Quality Ingredients

The quality of raw materials used by an Italian shoe company is the best as they use the best leather possible. Only using the best leather is not enough for the best Italian shoes, various other best things are needed. The soles of the Italian shoes are made from oak-bark leather and then tanned by hand which takes time. Also, Italian shoes use maximum stitches per centimeter so that they can achieve a very slim profile which makes them very comfortable.

At the end of the day, you only have to figure out what you have to do. Italian shoes are a portion of the best items on Earth. If you haven’t purchased one or wondering whether to purchase or not, then try once!


Online shoe shopping tips that will change your mind

There are many people who love shoes more than anything in their wardrobe. When looking for shoes, you need to have more than fashion as a primary concern — you’ll additionally need to think about keeping your feet fit and in good shape. The best part of buying shoes is from a physical store especially from the best Italian shoe store, But one should also try the advantages of online shopping.

One cannot deny the benefits of online shopping, as it provides more options to choose in from. Also, in today life everyone is busy and do not find time for visiting a physical store, so buying online is easy for them as the shop is open 24 hrs. Although, the risk of online shopping can’t be denied, so here are some tips need to be taken care of while shopping online for Italian shoes.

Online shopping tips:

Find out for the best online shoe shop: You will find thousands of options when you go shopping, but it is up to you which shop to choose. To avoid any kind of regret and bad experiences, check out for the history of the shop as well as their physical store.  

Check for their return policies: After choosing a shop, always check their return and exchange policies. Opt them only if they have clear return policies.

Product Images:  When you are shopping online then you have to fully depend on product images. So always opt for the shop with clear and enlarged images which can provide you with every minute details of the product.

Product description: Images helps you to know about the product look and feel, but it doesn’t give you an idea of the exact color of the product. So here product description will tell you about the detailed description about the product such as the size, color, material etc.

Online Reviews: For online shopping, reviews are the most important. When you buy the best Italian shoes always check for the customer reviews. Check for as many reviews as you can.

Correct shoe size: This is one of the most important part if you are shopping online. Every brand has a different size so always check for the size-chart for the particular brand you are shopping for.  

Try them in a right way: Try your shoes in a right way without removing any labels, or damaging it so that if you want to get them exchanged they can be exchanged under their return policies.

Always try your shoes Indoor: While trying for the right size or for any damage, always try your shoes indoor so that if something wrong they can easily be exchanged.

How to make your Shopping more secure

  • Don’t save your personal information

Although entering your details and personal data, again and again, could be irritating, but to be more secure never save your personal information on any shopping site regardless of how secure the website is.

  • Do not order from insecure websites

Not every online store is secure and if you do not spend time checking the reputation and security of the website then you will end up with a very big problem. So always check for safe sites.

If you follow all these tips then you are on your way for safe and secure online shopping.