Loriblu shoes - New Collection 2018

Top 3 Reasons You Should Not Miss New Loriblu Shoes Collection

New Spring/ Summer Collection by Loriblu Shoes  in Rina’s store

Rina’s store is proudly presenting you top 3 reasons you should not miss Loriblu shoes collection for this Spring/Summer season:


With a wide range of colors, Loriblu shoes  are restless and wild, not trying to settle down for every day one-colored shoes. They are giving away the best taste and adventures spirit in their color usage.
So, just when  you think that you can’t mix every day sandals and night/club/party/summer beach walk sandals in one pair of footwear, they come out with this beauties.

Loriblu shoes / white - New Collection 2018

Loriblu shoes / white – New Collection 2018

The perfect mixture of black&white. Black leather ankle strap and black dots on white background. With a high heel and platform.

Loriblu sandals - Red patent leather with black, red and white rubber wedge, elastic, metal logo

Loriblu sandals – Red patent leather with black, red and white rubber wedge, elastic, metal logo


Loriblu shoes  by Rina’s store come in the various designs this season. From the high heel and platform sandals, to the beige pierced leather bootie with ton-on-tone patent leather details, lace decoration and perls. 

In the New  Loriblu Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by Rina’s store, we have different designs:

  1. high heels and platform sandals
  2. booties
  3. sneakers
  4. elegant shoes
  5. flat sandals


Loriblu shoes are famous by the material they use. They use best leather material made in Italy. When you combine that with the elegant and luxury pearls and Swarovski Elements, you get a ‘dream for my feet’ shoes.

All in all, if you want to make your feet thankful and other people amazed by your walk, you should not miss Loriblu’s new collection. With the perfect combination of colors, design and materials, there is no doubt that you are going to choose correctly. 

Moccasin Loafers

Mocassin Loafers for men are Must Have this season

Mocassin Loafers took away all the fame this season

Men’s loafers are flat, slip-on shoes that don’t contain any laces and are similar to moccasins. Another term for a loafer can be a slipper, as these shoes easily slip on and off. Loafers are versatile and can be worn in a variety of situations, from the everyday casual to the more formal workplace, since there are varying styles, colors, and materials of which loafers are made.

Loafers are a flat and low shoe, but some dressier models feature a low heel, and pair well with a suit or dress pants. When one thinks of a loafer, the term “penny loafer” comes to mind. In fact, a penny loafer is just one type of men’s loafer that exists among the vast variety of styles of loafers available on the market. One of them are Mocassin Loafers for men.

Mocassin Loafers in Rina’s store

Mocassin loafers contain a thick weave that goes around the upper part of the shoe, also called the vamp (the area between the top of the ankle and toes).This can be worn with casual clothing, and can be worn around the home.

Moccasins can be worn with a number of different outfits and styles of clothing within your wardrobe. They are the perfect footwear to easily dress depending on the look you are going for. Moccasins are extremely comfortable and stylish and have been worn for many years. So, you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Mocassin Loafers

Mocassin Loafers by Rina’s store -Must Have for men this season

Men’s Moccasin Loafers are a  leather shoe with or loafer with a low flat heel. Moccasin shoes or loafers can be worn with or without socks. So, that makes them a year around shoe. Men’s moccasin loafers can be worn with pants, jeans, capris or shorts. And they are more likely to be worn for a comfortable and casual look. They can be worn inside or outside and are perfect for a house shoe or slipper as well as for doing casual activities.



Handmade Italian shoes

How To Take Proper Care of handmade Italian Shoes

The importance of proper Care for handmade Italian Shoes

Taking care of our handmade Italian shoes is a breeze, because high-quality footwear doesn’t require excessive attention. It takes just a light touch of maintenance to maintain an effortlessly natural and classic look. When you get a new pair, there’s no need for immediate conditioning or polishing . They’re ready to wear out of the box. We recommend sitting down at a shoe shine stand every once in a while. But, if you aren’t in a location to have that luxury, the following guide will help you out at home.

How to clean and polish your leather shoes

You will need to clean your shoes first before polishing. This is important as it removes all dirt and dust so the polish can condition the leather properly. Polishing your handmade Italian shoes will ensure they stay moist and supple.

  • Use a soft bristled brush to clean off any dirt or dust.
  • Then use a soft cloth to apply a suitable cleaner to the leather parts of the shoe. Use the same soft bristled brush to work the cleaner into the leather, focusing on any scuff marks.
  • Let them dry for 20 minutes before polishing.
  • Use a fresh soft cloth to rub conditioner over the leather in a circular motion.
  • Using the same cloth, apply a colour-matched polish to the shoe. Professionals recommend a lanoline-based beeswax polish as it will soften and protect the leather at the same time.
  • Wipe off excess polish with a new soft clean cloth and buff the shoe with a soft shoe brush or a pair of nylon panty hose for a super shine.
  • Wait 20 minutes and apply a spray-on waterproofing repellant.

General usage of your Italian shoes

  • Avoid wearing your shoes every day. Give them every other day off, to air and dry off any existing moisture.
  • Keep your shoes away from heaters and areas of high humidity.
  • Don’t keep your precious Italian shoes stored in a box for prolonged periods of time, as the humidity can affect the leather.
  • Cedar shoe trees can substantially extend the life of your shoes, drawing away moisture and retaining its shape. Plastic and metal shoe trees are not recommended.


  • Wipe down your shoes before applying the wax, to make it more porous and allow it to absorb the product better.
  • Non-silicone based sprays or beeswax-based products are recommended.
  • Waterproofing wears off after about six months. If the beads stop settling on the leather surface, it is a sign that it’s time for a new coat.

Your feet take you through all the episodes of your life, and the shoes that support them play a pivotal role in that journey. Start taking care of your shoes from day one and they’ll reward you many times over.
When you have pair of Renzi, Baldinini, Loriblu, and many other well known Italian designer shoes in your wardrobe, it is your duty to take good care of them. After all, they are real gift for your feet.






Handmade Italian shoes

What’s so great about handmade Italian shoes

What’s so great about handmade Italian shoes

Their craftsmanship, sense of color and styling, is very particular. They are made of some of the highest quality leathers.
Shoemakers in Italy are really well trained and know more than most about the whole manufacturing process, plus most of the machinery used for making those shoes and the lasts are made in Italy.

Italian shoes are usually lighter than English shoes and some people prefer them for this reason.

English, Spanish, French and Portuguese shoes are very decent as well. In the U.S. you have one or two brands that can be considered good, the rest is not worthy. Beyond those countries I’ve mentioned there is no much to be found. Perhaps some local bespoke shoemaker but little.

Learning Leather Italian Shoes Is Not Difficult At All!  You Just Need A Great Teacher

Whether you are looking to buy shoes that you need to wear for work or a nice pair that is going to see you through a lovely trip or vacation, you must first understand the hallmarks of great shoes. When you are seeking to buy leather shoes, you must make sure that the leather is of top notch quality and that the shoes come with great finish.

It is such attributes that make certain pair of shoes stand out from all others. Among all the varieties of leather that are available in different parts of the world, Italian leather is practically one of the best. It is thus no surprise that any fashion conscious man would love to splurge in Italian handmade shoes.

Once you start wearing handmade shoes for men or any other shoes made of fine Italian leather, you will see how different they are from other types of shoes.

Why are Italian shoes considered the best in the world?

  • They are made to fit the wearer’s feet perfectly, which means that they are neither too tight nor too loose
  • These shoes are ideal for all kinds of social occasions and blend well with different types of outfits
  • The stylish finish of these shoes allows men to greatly experiment with their looks and stand out in a crowd

All in all, Italian shoes are my first choice. For me there are so many reasons why Italian shoes deserve the good reputation they have. They are handmade, the designs are flawless. The comfort is at the top and the quality is enough to make them last for years and years, All of that without fear of them falling apart. Rain or shine, smooth floors or cobble stoned streets, these shoes will withstand the pressure and the elements without fear.

And what is your first choice? 



Rina's store New Fall / Winter Collection - Italian designer shoes

Wear your shoes loud and proud – choose Rina’s store

Wear your shoes loud and proud – choose Rina’s store

You are a women, you are proud, you are beautiful and you are in charge of your happiness.

This applies for every area of your life. You should think as your ancestors. As the girls who once didn’t have all the opportunities that you have now  in your life. The girls who couldn’t be loud, and who were fighting to be allowed to be proud!

Today, you are allowed to say your opinion, you are allowed to choose your ways and to loudly and proudly represent yourself in all  areas of life.

International women’s day is coming

International women’s day is coming in a few days. We all should stop and think about our proud ancestors. The girls and women who knew what they wanted. The girls and women who were not afraid to say it out loud. To shout it out to the world.

We should stand proud for them and we should use our rights for choice. We should put on the best pair of shoes and go to work. The pair of shoes that we choose for ourselves. That we bought with the money we’ve earned.

Rina’s store is there to make you a Cinderella in your own story

Your life is the story that you make for yourself. Therefore, you should not settle to be a less than the main character.
You are Cinderella. The shoes only suit you in this story of yours. No other girl can fill your perfect pair of footwear in this fairy tale.

You should put on the best pair of Rina’s store shoes collection, go down the street and let everyone hear the loud noise of your high heels.


Our friends, Fabi, Renzi, Marino Fabiani and a lot more, will help you with that. You should just enter Rina’s store and find the perfect match for your feet.


italian shoes

Italian shoes by Rina’s store – Blumarine

Italian shoes by Rina’s store – Blumarine

A color that captured the beauty of the sea. That was what inspired Anna Molinari and husband Gianpaolo Tarabini to create fashion brand Blumarine in 1977 in Carpi, a little Italian town near Modena. The brand was a worldwide success, a fitting tribute to a hard-working couple with a passion for fashion.

Blumarine’s catwalk debut was in 1980 at Modit, one of Italy’s most important fashion shows. It was soon getting attention from public and fashion experts alike. Blumarine was awarded “Designer of the Year” which led to the couple taking part in Milan Fashion Week, showcase for emerging design talent.

Italian Blumarine shoes – 80’s

In 1986, Anna Molinari showed her first collection. The “Queen of Roses” – a nickname given to her because of her passion for the beautiful flowers . That nickname became the new queen of the runway, her lines reflecting her magnetic personality. A small, strong woman personifying romance, seduction and charm mixed with irony and joy – this was also the look she wanted for her clients.

The young designer took her cue from the trends of the 70s, blending them with her own experiences of travel, the arts, music, nature and everything else she was surrounded by, transforming the subsequent fusion into pure fashion. Her clothes were fun and feminine, mixing fairytale romanticism with colorful vitality and joie-de-vivre.

The year 1990 saw the opening of the first Blumarine monobrand store in Via della Spiga, in Milan’s fashion district. So, The company continued to expand, adding more and more specialized brands. That had brought together in the Blufin Group in 1988. This included not only Blumarine, but also Blugirl. Blugirl – the line for young women, Blugirl Folies, for teenagers and Anna Molinari, a more classic line for women.

italian shoes online

Say Hello to February with new Bagatto Shoes by Rina’s store

Say Hello to February with new Bagatto Shoes by Rina’s store

Bagatto brand was founded a few years after World War II – in 1953 – by Cavaliere Mario Aurelio Bracalente. Bagatto meant “shoemaker” in old Italian, that is to say, the person who produced tailor-made shoes by hand based on the customer’s requests. The brand was soon appreciate first by the Italian market, then by the European one. In the 80’s and 90’s, Bagatto started trading their shoes out of Europe, in Japan, America, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and South Africa with great results in the best boutiques of the main cities. Nowadays we can say that the brand covers the main markets worldwide.

What makes Bagatto shoes so special

The strength of the brand consists in using only the best lether for both upper vamps and soles, and shoes are hand cut and entirely manufactured in Italy. Several production processes are still handmade – – just like over 50 years ago. The Bagatto brand is for the man who wants to stand out from the crowd, for a man who wants a unique but comfortable accessory to wear.

The world of men’s shoes by Rina’s store is rich with so many brands that are considered the best of the footwear design.
You can say that in Rina’s store shoes dreams come true. You can always find a perfect fit for your precious feet. Be Cinderella, not Cinderella’s evil sister – make your shoes fit perfect to your feet.


A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.

italian shoes

Rina’s store



italian shoes

Rina’s store proudly represents – Fabi shoes : unique and flawless

Rina’s store proudly represents – Fabi shoes : unique and flawless

Back in 1965, in Montegranaro, in the heart of Marche’s shoemaking district, the Fabi family founded a new business based on an ethic of fine artisan crafting. The skilled hands of the brothers Elisio and Enrico, along with their wives Gina and Vilia, shaped their first men’s shoes whose classical, elegant style and superior quality materials immediately became the hallmarks of the Fabi brand.
In a few short years, Fabi’s business took off. In 1972, not long after its founding, Fabi moved to a1200-sq. m. facility in Monte San Giusto, as it had already needed more room to fit its growing production.

Fabi shoes

A decisive factor of Fabi’s success has been its remarkable ability to reconcile tradition and innovation.
In the 1980s, on the solid foundations of its already well-established success, Fabi expanded its horizons to find emerging markets, inspired by its desire to set its sights ever higher.
The Fabi Donna collection was created in 1993 and 1994 with a style of sophisticated, metropolitan glamour. Fabi had thoroughly established its reputation as a dynamic brand. Now, for almost a half century, Fabi has been putting its name to high class footwear for men and women. It has become an ultra-modern business with the eventual involvement of the family’s youngest generation, which has infused Fabi with a new design spirit to complement its long-established crafting tradition.
Fabi has become a perfect beacon of Italian-made design as a distinctive business, a promoter of elegant style, an astute observer of trends, always anticipating new ways of life. It then employs its enormous skill, absolute precision and meticulous crafting to best express these new lifestyles.
Tradition and technology make a perfect union with quality. Three hundred forty-four employees, including master shoemakers and artisans, work closely with specialists in IT technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Their close collaboration produces innovative, quality products, with great care taken both in the details and in the choice of materials, always following the most stringent criteria.

Made in Italy –  Made in Fabi


Fabi’s current headquarters, in Monte San Giusto, opened in December 2004 and covers over 15,000 covered sq.m. It’s an attractive, dynamic modern work place, with ample space and lovely indoor green areas, making it a great place to work together! Every step of the process, from the idea to the design and from production to sales, takes place in house, which is what makes Fabi’s products unique and flawless. Fabi’s are discerning customers, who are confident in their choices, well equipped to appreciate superior footwear and love the refined details Made in Italy… Made in Fabi!


loriblu shoes

Loriblu – be different, make a difference!

Loriblu’s new collection – be different, make a difference!

Dare to be different. Dare to make a change. Dare to dare!! That is what Loriblu design is all about. Never conservative, never the part of a world, always in its own amazing world of design.

Shoe design, while not terribly complicated, is not very easy when it comes to making something different, yet still elegant and wearable. I know that I have said it a million times, but it is just one of those things you have to say when you see something to terrifically different and cool.

loriblu shoes

Gray shierling top and lining wedged bootie, front zip. Made in Italy . By Rina’s store!


If you take a close look at these shoes, you will realize that it is all about the details. There is nothing a shoemaker didn’t think of. Every little piece has took him a lot of time, love and creativity.

In this gray world, where fashion has become so global that people sometimes all look the same, Loriblu sat a foot down. Loriblu decided to be different. They have decided to be detailed and not gray and part of the crowd.

No good idea ever came from the crowd. Nor in life or fashion. The one who made a change dared to attract the glances on itself, as no one did before him. That is what makes some people great. And, this daring design of Loriblu is what makes this brand so important in Italian footwear design.

Be different – make a difference!! Be Loriblu!

baldinini shoes

Baldinini shoes in Rina’s store world of fashion

Baldinini shoes in Rina’s store world of fashion


It was far back in 1910 when the family, of which Gimmi Baldinini is the third generation, took its first steps in footwear, making bespoke shoes entirely by hand. Today those craft skills are still as important as ever and are interwoven with creative expertise inspired by world culture. Now, 100 years later and with millions of pairs of shoes under its belt, the company has more than 100 flagship stores around the world in the most exciting fashion locations. Its production unit employs over 250 highly skilled workers. Baldinini brand creations attract attention and are instantly recognised, they are the choice of a huge following of devotees and of the leading world fashion markets.



In the place where he was born, where his grandfather first gave him advice and carved the first forms, thereby establishing the family’s first workshop, Gimmi Baldinini later decided to set up and develop his factory. Now, the fully renovated old building has become an imposing complex with the lightness of modern architecture. In fact the surrounding countryside is reflected in its glass panels. Despite the brand’s current dimensions and the international scope of its mission, its original spirit and creative passion are as strong as ever. For many years this designer has worked with the same craftsmen and skilled workers as they accompany him in the firm’s growth and support its triumphs.

baldinini shoes


The leitmotif running through the most important stages of Baldinini’s history is inseparably linked to the brand’s communication strategies, to advertising campaigns, and to the worldwide international events, from fashion weeks to trunk shows, which the designer attends with wholehearted dedication. The Baldinini style embraces the changing moods of fashion and innovation; it observes and stays close to the tastes of its audience yet never ignores provocation.