About Rina’s Boutique

Welcome to Rina’s Boutique where we offer a fantastic selection of brand name Italian shoes, clothing, boots, jackets and accessories of the highest quality, designed by Italy’s most prestigious designers, all at great prices. This page is all about rina’s boutique, and our unique style.

Rina’s Boutique upscale salon was born in 2001 and since then has always offered its customers the best there is in the world of fashion. At Rina’s Boutique we offer only the best brand names and highest quality merchendise. We proudly stand behind the authenticity of our goods. Find stunning women’s, fabulous men’s and stylish children’s shoes, clothing, boots, jackets and accessories.

Rina’s Boutique Style Magazine

We faithfully track down all the new and hot fashion trends and are happy to share our findings with you … We strive to answer all fashion questions … Every season, we aim to present to you the most beautiful pieces the collections of most famous designers… We are prepared to invest even more effort into creating a brighter, warmer life for you and strengthening our friendship and connection.

We hope that each issue of our magazine will bring us closer together and bring us an enjoyable and lasting collaboration. We are sure that for many of you this magazine as become a reliable guide on the world of beauty, harmony, good taste, as well as provides the feeling of comfort, which is an exclusive feeling. We love what we are doing for you we will keep evolving, because, of course, fashion is always evolving . I hope as you read the magazine you will come to that realization as well. Enjoy!

Rina’s Boutique’s Travels to Italy

Four times a year, the experienced Rina’s Boutique team travels to Italy in order to personally purchase shoes, clothing and accessories from Italy’s leading designers.

Led by Inga Birfer, who has worked in the Italian fashion industry for many years, the team travels to the factories of the country’s top designers to personally select the merchandise, based on popular demand as well as the hottest current and upcoming trends.

The Result: Rina’s Boutique carries the most modern, prestigious and luxurious Italian fashions. By the start of each new season, the Boutique already has the most recent collections available.

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