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Rina's Boutique's Baldinini Collection:

Rina's Boutique's Baldinini Italian Shoes Collection for Men & Women
"Made in Italy: Baldinini is the fashionable way to the Italian style" "Varied collections rich in details, solid tradition with a hint of madness, femininity and energy  ....  Modern, full of charm, passion and power. The self-confidence radiated by each Baldinini product is like a code, a permit that allows you to stride confidently and elegantly along the most exclusive fashion paths .... Baldinini brand creations attract attention and are instantly recognised, they are the choice of a huge following of devotees and of the leading world fashion markets  ....  The Baldinini style embraces the changing moods of fashion and innovation in keeping with the times and transcends borders and confines; it observes and stays close to the tastes of its audience yet never ignores provocation." -